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SOCIAL MEDIA platforms are a great way to support your team. There are several things that we can do to effectively support our customers with social media. If social media is a way you want to reach your people, then we need to answer a few questions so we can keep your customers first.
1) What main social media platform do you want to use? Which one do you feel the most comfortable with?
TIP: Keep in mind that as you choose a platform to share your business materials, you need to tone down the personal information you post on the same platform. It may go without saying, but this would include vulgarity, negative comments about others, and controversial opinions that may come off as brash. It is important for people to still see enough personal information to connect with you, but in an inspiring and positive way.
2) What do your customers need from you? What would help them grow in their Essential Oil Journey?
TIP: Think about the age, gender, interests, and life stage of most of your customers. This will help you center your information around their needs. You can even do a poll for your customers if you are trying to figure out what they want or need help with. Figuring out what they want to learn and how they like to learn is great information that will keep your customer first in your social media posts.
3) What will you share on this platform? Promotions? Recipes? Videos? Testimonies? Social Media Classes from Essential Oils Academy?
TIP: Keep your social media streamlined. Have clear definitions on what you will share and where. Since we are talking about our Essential Oils Business, we want to use the same outlet for only oil information. Be careful to not sidetrack customers or confuse them by sharing differing information. For example, sharing a political statement, parenting tip, how to make kombucha, and then an Essential Oil recipe all in one spot could disengage your customers, especially if they are not interested in your parenting style or political views.


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