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After a purchase, we can show our customers how much we value them by taking the time to make a personal CALL.

When we call customers, we are employing the "go above and beyond" approach to our customer’s needs—but at the same time, we are doing something that is EXPECTED by anyone who has ever experienced good customer service.

When we call, we can offer our help with any questions they may have. We can also make sure they saw the promotions for the month, invite them to Essential Oil Education events, or just express our desire to help them in their Essential Oil journey.
When explaining the promotions of the month, be sure to let them know not only WHAT the promotion is, but also WHY they might need it. This is a great time to review your notes on your customer and bring up health concerns you know they have, to discuss how that oil fits their needs.

They will be so thankful that you called to help them, and the personal touch of remembering their needs will really impress them.

"My volume always goes up after I make customer calls,” says Wellness Advocate Kathi Blume. “I have found that customers usually have a question or two and then end up ordering what they had the question about. To be honest, our customers don't have the oils or their order on their minds like we do, so when we call them it triggers questions or concerns that they may have had at one time. Most of my customers truly appreciate the time I take to call them. The ones that don't (which isn't very many), I only call every third month – the ones that don't like calls, don't answer the phone or call back, but they sometimes shoot me a text."
How often you call customers is really based on what your team needs. Some Wellness Advocates will rotate through their new customers more frequently in the first 60 days and then go to every two to three months after that. Remember, we can rotate in texts or messages between personal calls.

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